Wolves News · Fall & Winter Face of Sportsmanship Awards

Congratulations to the fall and spring student athletes who have earned IHSAA Face of Sportsmanship Awards!



Jason Hernandez (senior): Jason showed respect to his teammates by always showing up and giving consistent, strong effort; to his coaches by always following instructions and leading by example; and to his opponents by helping up players that he tackled and always speaking respectfully.

Luis Campos (junior): Luis always made his team a priority, showing up for summer conditioning and practices and playing through injury. He also showed great patience running a constantly evolving defense and helping train two freshman defenders and a rookie goalkeeper all while maintaining a positive and productive attitude.



Jackie Hughey (sophomore): Jackie became a leader and role model on and off the court by: respecting opponents, encouraging her teammates, giving amazing effort, always diving for the ball, never giving up, and training new players in skill development on her own accord.

Toriana Minter (sophomore): Toriana told her opponents good job at the end of games when she acknowledged good plays. She consistently took the initiative to develop her skills by interacting with all of her teammates and maintained a positive and uplifting attitude.



Lakia Harris (senior): Lakia is consistent in her effort to improve and in leading her teammates. She is a great example of persistence. Lakia is always respectful to her teammates and opponents.

Aaron Spaulding (junior): Aaron has shown sportsmanship by always being ready to be a leader on the team. He consistently tries to better himself and is always respectful to those around him.



Zyan Colgrove (freshman): Zyan always had a positive attitude, even when things weren’t going well in a game she always tried to cheer the team up and encouraged them.

Amber Robinson (senior): Amber always stayed positive and kept everyone in a good mood. She always had a smile and was there for her teammates.



Aaron Spaulding, Damian White, and Jaren Freeman (juniors): These players are respectful to officials, even when calls do not go their way. They hand the ball to the referees and interact with them in a positive way, setting a good example for their team. They help the opponent up when they are down and say positive things to opposing players throughout the game.



Simeon Knox (sophomore): Simeon never game up this season and kept a positive attitude. This contributed to his two sectional wins and regional qualification after a tough season.

Jason Hernandez (senior): Jason was our team leader, always bringing his teammates up when they were down. He always acted respectfully to his opponents in his matches.



Rayana Gowdy (senior): Rayana has encouraged us in doing a joint routine with cheerleaders of opposing teams during sectionals last season and this season, which encouraged sportsmanship not only to her team, but to the fans at the game. Her exemplary idea was an effort to create unity and model respectful sportsmanship. Her actions have resulted in camaraderie  with cheerleaders at other schools and a new tradition for the girls to look forward to every year.

Destiny Anthony (junior): Destiny found out one of her teammates was going through a rough time right before the holidays. She dropped off groceries to that cheerleader’s family and didn’t brag or even speak about what she’d done. The cheerleading coach only found out about what she had done because her teammate was so moved that she contacted her to say how loved she felt. Destiny’s actions really impacted her teammate and her family in an unforgettable way.


Left to Right: Jason Hernandez, Destiny Anthony, Toriana Minter, Amber Robinson, Jackie Hughey, Zyan Colgrove, Aaron Spaulding, Jaren Freeman