Coed Varsity Wrestling · Wolves Student Athlete Spotlight: Gustavo Adame

Wolves Student Athlete Spotlight by Cesar Mares

Athlete: Gustavo Adame – Senior and Captain of PCRHS’s wrestling team

Corporate Work Study Job: Marian University, Police Department

Sport: Wrestling


Senior Cesar Mares interviewed Gustavo Adame for this Wolves Student Athlete Spotlight

Cesar: When did you begin wrestling?

Gustavo:  I wrestled my freshman year at Cardinal Ritter and at first, it was difficult because I was new to everything. But with time, I was better conditioned and more knowledgeable of some of the moves. By my junior year when I arrived at PCR, despite PCR not having a wrestling team, I still continued to wrestle and develop my skills at George Washington High School.


Cesar: Who is your favorite wrestler?

Gustavo: Definitely Jordan Burroughs. He is an Olympic gold medalist and the way he wrestles is so aggressive.


Cesar: What does a typical practice look like?

Gustavo: We start off by running stairs to increase cardio. After this, we perform standups and takedowns, which are fundamental moves in wrestling. Once this is complete, Coach teaches us a new move and then we go live. I’m undefeated for the season, except for practice. Coach always beats me.


Cesar: What does it mean to be a PCRHS athlete?

Gustavo: It means that you put in work and that you strive for excellence.


Cesar: What mindset do you have entering every match?

Gustavo: To simply find a way to beat my opponent and move on to the next match.


Cesar: What makes you successful?

Gustavo: Hard work and dedication. I put everything on the line for success.


Cesar: How do you feel going into Sectionals with the first seed?

Gustavo: I feel great. I have worked hard and it’s paying off.”


Cesar: Are you considering wrestling at the next level?

Gustavo: Yes, I am. I hope that I am able to wrestle at the college I choose to attend, and if the college doesn’t have a team, I at least want to do club or travel team wrestling.


Cesar: What do you have to say to PCR students desiring to wrestle?

Gustavo: This is not an easy sport. You should not expect to experience success immediately. You will endure pain and hardships, but in the end, it’s all worth it.



Gustavo Adame has a season record of 22 wins with zero losses because of his dedication to the grind and to his craft. Apart from wrestling, Gustavo is excelling in the classroom with a stellar 3.6 GPA. Gustavo is still undecided on what college he will attend but has decided that he will be majoring in Criminology.

Gustavo was the first seed in this year’s IHSAA Sectional 20 Tournament, and won his sectional!